Today, we are going to solve the common videoder error and will provide you with the ultimate working solution. A lot of users are facing many types of error while using videoder applications. To solve these errors users are searching for the solution everywhere. 

If you have come to this blog post then your every type of videoder error will be solved. Further, by following these steps until your error remains as it eases then comment below in the comment section marking the issue. 

Videoder Errors List:

  • Videoder media not found
  • Media not found fix for android devices
  • Videoder Error Playing Video
  • Videoder Hotstar Download Location
  • Videoder not downloading audio
  • Why videoder download interrupted
  • Videoder link generation failed
  • Videoder download speed slow
  • Videoder login error
  • Videoder failed to make api request
  • Videoder internal error in audio plugin
  • videoder restricted mode error

If you are a videoder user then you faced these errors in the previous years. Now in 2024 videoder comes with an amazing update in that by using this you will never face these difficulties. 

videoder common errors
videoder common errors

# Videoder not Downloading Audio Solution

Before going further you must have an idea that every application has some limitations. We all know that videoder only supports 1000+ websites that’s why you are facing this problem in videoder. Maybe your audio does not belong to these 1000+ websites.

Now the fast way to solve the issue is to download a new and updated version of videoder. To update a videoder app just click at the three dots which are labelled in the upper corner. if a new update is released then you will see a notification in the form of update otherwise wait for the next update notification to solve the issue. 

# Videoder Download Speed Slow Solution

This error happens due to some libraries used in the app, but now this error has been solved in a previous update. After updating your download speed remains slow then make sure your internet connection is good. 

Firstly, off the internet and then on it to fast downloading speed. Before going off the internet, turn on the auto resume download feature of videoder. It will help you to resume downloads even if the internet connection is broken. If still errors persist then restart your phone or find an alternative application to assist your task.  

# Videoder Internal Error in Audio Plugin Solution

Videoder Internal Error in Audio Plugin and Videoder mixing interrupts are the same issue only name difference. This error occurs mostly in android OS 5 version. To resolve this problem you have to update your android OS 5 version. 

# Videoder Hot star Download Location Solution

Videoder application does not allow its user to download Hos Star video content. Hot Star, like many other streaming platforms, protects its content with copyright laws. There is one solution to solve the error.

If you have downloaded videos in one phone from Hot Star, then they are saved in this arrangement. Internal Storage to Android to data to in.startv.hotstar to files and lastly in downloads section. Now copy these files and paste it in the videoder download folder and done.

# Videoder Media not Found Solution

Videoder media not found comes due to the “downloaded file does not exist” because you have deleted the downloaded file. Whenever you use a third party cleaner app then it’s delete the videoder download files.

After downloading the audio and video files you click on the file, and you face this error. So, don’t use a third party app if you are using a videoder application. 

# Media not Found Fix for Android Devices Solution

This error will be solved with two methods. Firstly, give the videoder app internal storage permissions. The second method is tricky but a working method. In this method you have to use a nomedia file extension. Nonmedia is an empty text file stored which tells the apps that scan the folder to skip it. Next, follow these steps carefully.

  1. Open file manager and go to internal storage.
  2. See WhatsApp folder around your internal storage.
  3. After opening the WhatsApp folder navigate to media and then check the sent folder inside the video folder.
  4. Click on the three dots on the top right screen. Now go to settings and select show hidden files. 
  5. Here you find a nomedia file there and copy that file. 
  6. Now open the folder where your videoder downloads are saved. 
  7. Paste the non media file there.

Now your cleaner application can not clean the files from there. Actually this error happened because our cleaner app deleted the media folder. By pasting non media files you can prevent your cleaner app from media files. 

# Videoder Error Playing Video Solution

By solving this error follow these steps:

  1. Open setting option.
  2. Click on “apps” tab in the setting menu.
  3. Search the term videoder.
  4. Open videoder app and click at Storage option.
  5. Now see the option cache button and tab on it.
  6. Done, error solved.
  7. Thus, restart your phone and run again videoder app.

If still errors remain then go to the videoder app and click on three dots after this you will find a notification of update. Finally, update it. 

# Videoder Link Generation Failed Solution

This error is one of the known and not resolvable errors in videoder. Link generation failure still occurs on some websites. On 15 Feb 2018 videoder developer posted on twitter that the issue has been solved now. But still this issue appears on some websites. 

# Videoder Download Interrupted Solution

This error comes due to two main reasons.

  1. App/website have facing some error.
  2. Your Internet connection is slow or interrupted.

If you are facing slow internet connection then turn on the auto resume feature of the videoder app . For this just go to the videoder setting and then turn on the auto resume feature of the videoder. 

# Videoder Login Error Solution

The solution of this error is too simple: just get the shareable link of any reel or video which you want to download and then paste it into the videoder. Videoder automatically fetches the exact video and starts downloading for you. 

# Videoder Failed to Make API Request Solution

if you have downloaded the old version of videoder then update it now to solve the issue. Make sure before downloading the updated version uninstall the old version. Best Videoder versions are given below:

  • videoder 13.0 apk download
  • videoder 14.6 apk download
  • videoder 9.0 0 apk download
  • videoder 10.0 0 apk download
  • videoder 14.0 apk download
  • videoder 12.0 apk download
  • videoder 14.1 apk download
  • videoder 12.0 5 apk download
  • videoder 8.1.0 apk download

# Videoder Restricted Mode Error Solution

Videoder apps restrict some video content that’s why this error comes mostly. If you want to solve this error then simply set the option and switch off restricted mode. Now you can play and download any desired content which you want.

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