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Meet Videoder

The technology has done a complete change of the game when it comes to the world of entertainment. Its advancement has helped to improve every aspect of the entertainment environment including watching videos and movies online. This has seen more people shifting their interest and expressing full enjoyment of streaming and watching videos from various video channel providers.

Apart from watching these videos online, people also enjoy downloading them onto their devices. However, most of the official video platforms have restricted their users to save videos offline or/and even download them. This is primarily because downloading their contents or saving them offline is against their 'terms of service'.

There are tons of third-party offline and online video downloaders in the market today. These tools assist you in capturing the video streams from various video channels online. In this article, we look at one of the best video downloaders that will aid you to dive into the world of entertainment - Videoder Video Downloader App.

Unlimited Music and Video Downloading

Videoder application helps you to download unlimited music and videos for free.

All Resolutions and Formats Options

Videoder comes with all resolutions and formats options that help you to download any video in any resolution ranging from 144p to 1080P full HD and formats such as MP3, MP4, Flv, and WebM.

Extremely Beautiful and Easy to Use User Interface

Videoder has an easy to use User Interface that helps you to search the content of your desire or copy-paste the link of the content to its search engine to download it without hassle.

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Android 4.2 and Up

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Best Features

Videoder App is a complete advanced video downloader App that helps you to download and install internet video clips, and top quality MP4 and MP3 videos from any video channel for the offline viewing. Videoder app has been the best choice for most of the users due to its advanced features, quality functions and its compatibility with various devices such as Android, PC (Windows and Mac OS) and iPhone.

Videoder comes with amazing and powerful features and functions to make your online entertainment an excellent adventure. Videoder users have total freedom of downloading music, movies, and videos in all resolutions formats. Some of its unique features along with their uses include:

Smart Link Detection Tool

When you copy a link to your favourite video, music or any media file, Videoder App automatically detects the link and show a popup ready to download.

Multi-Bached Downloading

This function of Videoder App helps you to perform multiple selections of videos or music while browsing and download them with just a single click.

Completely Ads Free

Advertisements hinder your experience. Videoder app does not come with any annoying ads, allowing you to watch and download videos without any distractions./p>

Up to 10X Faster Downloading

Videoder application uses multiple network connections to speed up the downloading process. This feature also allows you to set the number of connections you need depending on the quality of your network to gain optimal speed.

Inbuilt Video Converter

Videoder easy your work of converting video files to an audio file within the shortest time possible. No need to download the audio file if the video of that file is already on your device.

In-built Web Browser

The Videoder in-build web browser helps you download streaming videos from all supported websites. It also allows you to browse your favourite streaming channels and download contents on the go.


The download and installation instructions for Videoder app is quick and straightforward. However, it also depends on the type and version of the device you are using. In this case, we are going to look into detail how to download and install Videoder on phone and PC.

Videoder for Android Phone:

The following is a mini-guide on how you can download Videoder on your Android phone:

  1. Download Video Apk from our site
  2. Monitor the download in the notification panel of your phone, once it's complete, tap on the completed notification to install the videoder app.
  3. Check your settings to allow installation of unknown sources in case your phone does not allow installation outside Google Play Store.
  4. Complete the installation and remember to turn off Unknown Sources once the installation is complete.


There are various applications available in the Google Play Store which promises to deliver a quality experience in the online entertainment world. Unfortunately, most of them have failed to provide safe results. They also require Play Services to be installed which has limited users to fully enjoy some of the features and benefits due to strict rules and conditions. As the modern technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, you realize that more and more people want to get good experience even outside the Google Play Store. Videoder video downloader App is an exceptional application that is ready to show you it is possible to enjoy outside Google Play Store. Turn your online entertainment world to a fantastic adventure by use of Videoder App.